Plan On Frustrating Yourself?

I hope not!

But you will frustrate yourself, have sleepless nights and more if you attempt to translate technical documents yourself.

When I say technical, I mean any document which is scientific, medical or IT in nature.

These documents contain words you don’t come across daily.

With meanings you aren’t even sure of.

And your average school dictionary won’t be of much help either.


3 Important FactsYou Should Know About Science, Medical And IT Translations

  1. Science, medical and IT are highly specialized fields.
  2. Not everyone can understand technical terms and phrases, especially if he or she is not familiar with these fields.
  3. Not everyone can transform a piece of complex technical document into one that is clear, intelligible and accurate.

Which is why the fields of science, medicine and IT offer some of the biggest challenges (and headaches) for translators, especially when it involves English and Malay.

Because knowing the language is not enough.

You have to know the field, you have to know how the scientific community works, and you have to be constantly updated about what’s happening in the world of science, medicine and IT.

It is not a field for the inexperienced translator who is just starting out.

It is definitely not a simple task for anyone to do.

The more technical a document is, the more a translator has to know it inside out. He or she has to be truly familiar with the document.


Here’s Where I Can Help.

I’m Sophia Jusoff, a full-time professional science, medical and IT translator based in Malaysia.

I offer precise translation services from English to Malay and Malay to English for corporate clients and individuals in Malaysia, Singapore and beyond.

My areas of specialization are in IT, Medical (Pharmaceutical and Healthcare) and Life Sciences (Immunology, Virology, Microbiology, Biotechnology, Veterinary Medicine). An important point is that I also work closely with doctors, scientists and researchers.

As a translator for science, medical and IT projects, I analyze complex documents and turn them into clear, easy-to-use communication for everyone.

And I have been doing this successfully since 1997.

My clients come from all industries and professions. Many of them are global brands and you’ll probably recognize them.

When you need someone to translate your brochure, catalog, research report, journal article, website, school textbook, technical manual or scientific findings, you need someone who is a specialist for the task at hand.


Specifically,You Need Someone Who:

  1. Understands the scientific and technical terms
  2. Has years of experience in the science and technology industry
  3. Has a keen interest and holds a science-related degree in this field (in fact, I have a Computer Science degree!)
  4. Works closely with doctors, scientists and researchers
  5. Is always updated and knowledgeable about current issues

Science, medicine and IT are specialized fields and I cannot emphasize this enough.

If you value accuracy and precision (and I know how important these qualities are to researchers, doctors and scientists), you need to leave it to me to make it easier and stress-free for you. I can help save you hours of work and frustration.

I have the software, specialist dictionaries, contacts and experience to know what to do and just how to do it.


Free Up Your Time And Let Me Handle The Translation For You.

Get a free, no-obligation quote today so that we can work together on your scientific, technical or IT documents. Contact me for a quote today!

Sophia Jusoff

P.S. Besides translating technical documents, my other forte is Business. Contact me when you need help to translate Business and Finance documents such as business reports, PowerPoint presentations, handbooks, annual reports, executive profiles, Codes of Conduct, company newsletters, press ads, financial reports, business ethics and more.